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How to Completely Change Your Thoughts About HVAC

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How to Completely Change Your Thoughts About HVAC

How to figure out why your air conditioner is leaking

by Eva Fisher

You rely on your air conditioner to work properly, cooling off your home when it gets a little too warm. But while central air conditioning units work effectively most of the time, you might occasionally need to do some troubleshooting, such as if it is having a leaking problem. Here are some ways to figure out why it is leaking.

Check the Joints of the System

The first thing you should check is any joint in the air conditioning system. Joints are meant to attach two pieces together, which can wear away, rust, or corrode. If they become loose or start to get worn, they might separate, which then causes water to leak out of the system. If you are going to look for joint problems, you will be looking for water escaping between joints. To do this, you need to turn on your air conditioner for several minutes, then take a look at the air conditioning system to find where the water is dripping out.

Inspect the Condenser Pump

Another common area where water leaks occur with an HVAC system is with the condenser pump. The pump helps to pump out cold or hot water when you turn on your system. If the pump is broken, it can cause it to pump erratically or fail to pump out excess water into the condenser pan. This causes excess water to be pumped in other areas, which is often why you end up with a pool of water around the air conditioning condenser unit. If power is being supplied to the pump, inspect it further to look for cracks or holes.

Clear the Drain Hole

When the pump of your air conditioning system removes water from the unit, it goes out a drain hole. This hole can sometimes get clogged with a buildup of debris. When this happens, it often causes a water leak in other areas of the system since the water can't escape through the normal route. If you notice that you have a leak but the condenser pan is dry, this is probably the issue you are having. Locate the drain hole and remove any dirt or debris you find there.

Look For Air Leaks

Lastly, make sure you check for possible air leaks. The seals on your air conditioner may be failing, which causes air to get into the unit outside. This may cause extra moisture if the air is too warm, which leads to various moisture leaks outside of the unit.