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How to Completely Change Your Thoughts About HVAC

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How to Completely Change Your Thoughts About HVAC

Energy Efficiency: Ways to Save Energy in Commercial Refrigeration

by Eva Fisher

Commercial freezers are a crucial necessity for food industry businesses such as restaurants and grocery stores. Unfortunately, such equipment uses up a lot of energy, which to businesses, needs to be kept at a minimum. But guess what? There's a lot you can do to ensure that your business uses up as little energy as possible. So if you own a commercial refrigeration unit, or intend on buying one, then here are some tips to have in mind.

Go for Energy Saving Models

It all starts with the kind of refrigerator you have. If you're intending on buying one, then go for energy saving models that will save your costs from the start. You could additionally purchase freezers that can detect any real time changes in environmental situations using intelligent controllers. In quiet periods like cold nights, intelligent controllers are able to ensure that the energy spent is as little as possible.

Getting one with half doors or drawer compartments is also a good step towards saving energy. A commercial refrigerator is accessed multiple times a day. With such units, only the relevant areas are opened and this saves energy.

Space Matters

The refrigeration unit needs to have enough space all round it. Normally, the unit is able to keep cool by releasing heat to the outside, so enough space is needed to ensure the airflow occurs correctly. That way, the unit experiences better ventilation and hence better heat transfer.

Avoid placing hot cooking utensils and equipment next to the refrigerator. The heat from the equipment will hinder the effectiveness of the cooling unit.

You could also lower the ambient temperatures of room where the refrigerator is located. This keeps the refrigerator working optimally and provides huge energy savings.

Check the Doors

Once the refrigerator takes up a number of years, the door gaskets start to wear out. This leads to huge amounts of wasted energy. Check these door gaskets or auto closers and ensure that they are in proper condition. Once the gaskets are ruined, warm air easily seeps in from the outside and the refrigerator will have to work even harder to maintain the same temperatures.

Remember to ensure that the doors are tightly closed at any one time. You could go for units with self-closing doors because you don't have to confirm that the door is well locked.

For more information and tips on reducing costs relating to your refrigerator, talk with local refrigeration servicing companies.