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How to Completely Change Your Thoughts About HVAC

Welcome to my blog. My name is Betty, and I recently invested in a new heating and cooling system. It had been years since I had purchased our old system, and my husband was alive then. This was the first time selecting my own system. I did a lot of research and even considered taking our HVAC system off the grid. Now, that my house is the perfect temperature all the time, I'm ready to try something else -- so I decided to start a blog. Here, I am going to post a range of blogs on HVAC related issues as well as home repairs and other topics. I hope that you like it.




How to Completely Change Your Thoughts About HVAC

Air Conditioning Service | 4 Loud Air Conditioning Noises Indicating Potential Damage

by Eva Fisher

Is your air conditioning unit making annoyingly loud noises while it operates? While some noises may indicate that something minor is wrong, other noises could be signs of far more damaging problems. These loud air conditioning noises indicate that your unit is suffering from some damage. An air conditioning service will need to diagnose and arrive at a suitable fix as soon as possible for your unit to work at optimum once again.

High-Pitched Screaming Noise

A high-pitched screaming noise typically occurs in your outdoor unit when you first turn on the AC and lasts for several seconds before it stops. The unit may even shut down and turn on regularly. This indicates that there may be a problem with your AC compressor because of building up of high pressure in the system. Pressure buildup can prove to be dangerous because the system can blow up. You will need to get an air conditioning service to get it fixed as soon as possible before running your unit once again.

Clanging Sounds

If you hear banging or clanging sounds coming from the outdoor unit of your AC, then it could be because the fan of the is hitting against another internal component. This could either be an external obstruction like twigs and sticks or it could be because the fan has loosened from the mount and hits the protective cages. If you notice these clanging sounds, be sure to put off your AC and get it repaired by a professional air conditioning service before this problem becomes bigger.

Squealing Noises

If you run your AC with the fan on and you notice a squealing noise being emitted from your inside unit, then it could be because of worn out or misaligned fan belts. These belts typically wear out over prolonged use and may need to be replaced if they become misaligned. A professional AC technician will need to diagnose and fix the issue with your fan belt.

Gurgling Sounds

Gurgling sounds usually occur when your air conditioning unit runs, but it can be difficult to pinpoint the exact source of the noise. The most likely cause could be because of a leaking condensate drain or refrigerant. While it may not be devastating to run your AC with a gurgling sound, be sure to get a professional to check it out before the minor problem turns into something bigger.

If you notice any of these sounds coming from your AC, get a professional air conditioning service to fix these problems as soon as possible.