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How to Completely Change Your Thoughts About HVAC

Welcome to my blog. My name is Betty, and I recently invested in a new heating and cooling system. It had been years since I had purchased our old system, and my husband was alive then. This was the first time selecting my own system. I did a lot of research and even considered taking our HVAC system off the grid. Now, that my house is the perfect temperature all the time, I'm ready to try something else -- so I decided to start a blog. Here, I am going to post a range of blogs on HVAC related issues as well as home repairs and other topics. I hope that you like it.



How to Completely Change Your Thoughts About HVAC

Could Split System Air-Conditioning Units Be the Best All-Round Choice for You?

by Eva Fisher

When you're thinking about installing an air conditioning system for the first time, you will have to weigh up some pros and cons. You need to look at available space, noise levels, overall efficiency, and budget and might need to consider some other important aspects. So, why is a split air conditioning system so popular, and why does it tick so many of these important boxes?

 Ducted Systems

The first thing to look at is available space. Do you have a lot of room in your attic or a space in between the ceiling and your enclosed roof space? Alternatively, do you have a raised floor with enough room underneath and above the slab? A ducted system may be out of the question if you cannot answer yes to some of these questions. Remember, these systems rely on a network of ducting to connect the various outlets together so that conditioned air can be pumped from the central compressor to each spot.

Issues with Ducting

Even if you do have such available space, think about how much of that ducting will need to be placed in a part of the home that is not air-conditioned. This means that the outside of the ducting will be subject to much higher temperatures which could, in turn, influence the temperature of the air within. Over the space of time, this could make the system less efficient or cause the compressor to work harder to achieve the desired temperatures indoors.

Window Mounted Units

If you choose not to go for the ducted option, you may be thinking about window-mounted units. Certainly, these are simple and self-contained and may cost you less to install. However, they may tend to be noisier, and some people worry about security. After all, these units occupy a large part of the window, and if an enterprising burglar were to remove them, they could find a way in.

Split System Advantages

Split systems are also quite self-contained but, in this case, are split into two separate parts. They do not rely on any ductwork and only need a small opening to connect the external and internal parts. They are generally well-rated for efficiency, which means that you could save more money on those future utility bills. You can also get split system "boxes" in different design configurations, so you may be able to match something to your interior decor.

Making a Choice

Ask your residential air-conditioning contractor for their advice. They'll help you to weigh up the pros and cons and fit something that works well for you.